Brahmi Extract (60 Capsules)


Brahmi is a natural relaxant, stress reliever, adrenal supplement (adaptogen), nerve relaxant, nerve tonic, and helpful in improving sleep quality and duration.

Brahmi extract capsules have concentrated content of the active compounds called Bacopasides.

Bacopasides are known for its adaptogenic properties that help in restoring sleep cycles, managing blood pressure, and relax nerves and are particularly helpful for people going through insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, and depression.

Our Brahmi extract capsules has the most potent concentration of Bacopasides available in the market. Most brands use about 4% Bacopasides while Madhya Earth Brahmi extract capsules uses an extract with potency of 25% Bacopasides.

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Our Brahmi extract comes from the organics sources and is extracted by the best methods yielding in the highest active ingredient (25% Bacopasides). Thus our product is absorbed faster and gives longer-lasting results.


  • Relaxes the adrenal glands
  •  Helps manage stress levels
  • Helps in insomnia and broken sleep
  • Helps in managing hypertension
  • Helps in anxiety and nerve disorders
  • Helps in memory and cognition improvement

How to use

Have 1-2 capsules at night or as advised by your healthcare professional. For best result use for three months.


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