Meet Rashi


Madhya Earth is a lot more than a company; it’s a lifestyle I chose and a principle that would benefit all of its users.

Rashi Vishwakarma

Founder & Director of Madhya Earth

Madhya Earth is a Natural supplements and food brand led by Rashi Vishwakarma, who has set an example to successfully nurture the best foods nature has to offer to a wider audience.

This strong force to bring Ayurveda backed superfoods to the universe came from Rashi’s story of battling IBS triggered by use of antibiotics four years back. It was disheartening for her when her doctor said it will be a lifelong issue. She was not ready to give up so instead of staying on medicines she switched over to the paths of Ayurveda, modern herbs and super healthy lifestyle. She started her long research on herbs, superfoods, fermented foods, healthy diet and recovered from the condition in just 4 months. This dramatic change gave her the confidence to dig deeper in the world of nutrition. Since then, she has been working on developing scientifically backed products that can benefit the majority of the population going through lifestyle issues.

Madhya Earth started with Rashi’s vision to transform her vision of showcasing the best superfoods, superherbs extracts, hemp products, wild berries and wild honey etc grown in forests and small family run farms to the whole of India. This has been made possible via many people, most of which are women. Rashi is quite keen to put Madhya Pradesh on the global map when it comes to healthy living.  Today Madhya Earth customers are not only limited to India but also other countries like Singapore, Kenya, UAE, USA and the UK.

Madhya Earth employs hardworking women who need an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and dedication to grow professionally and personally. Together, we are making a difference, one small step at a time, in the right direction. 

If you want to meet Rashi, follow her @rashi.vishwa.karma on Instagram to know more about what goes behind Madhya Earth, her experience as an entrepreneur from a small town, her life at Madhya Earth farms, her struggle with HIIT (High intensity interval training) and her experiments at her farm’s kitchen lab for baking, healthy cooking and fermentation. And yes, she lives in her farm office as she believes Madhya Earth is her baby who needs her nurturing. Isn’t that fun?