Know your adaptogens.

Adaptogens are compounds that help the adrenal glands restore their balance. This helps the user regain energy, boost muscle health, improve sleep and energy, restore stress management and improve threshold to stress.


Ashwagandha is a root that is known as a universal adaptogen. It helps the adrenal glands to relax so they cope up with the stress levels better.

We have Ashwagandha in two forms –

Extract capsules for those who want target the root cause and want quick results. Powders for those who want to take it slow, want to develop a routine around it.

We include both the extract capsules and powder in our routines depending upon how our day is like and the stress levels. It’s really about how your body is responds to different situations, emotions, changes. We encourage you to try both the extract capsules and powders


Shilajeet is formed by slow decay of plants over hundreds of years leading to a paste that is rich in macronutrients, micronutrients and trace minerals.

Shilajeet is known in Ayurveda to boost adrenal activity that translates to better energy, inducing vitality and vigour, boosting muscle and libido hormones and transform a person’s debility into high energy.

We have two types of Shilajeet which might confuse a few of you, in that case feel free to reach out to us to know which type of Shilajeet is best match for your requirements


Mulethi is a root that is known to be as an adaptogen. Mulethi happens to be a root that improves the adrenal activity, cools the stomach and the body heat down, relaxes the stomach and hence helps in relieving bloating and helps in curing sore throat, blocked sinuses and other respiratory ailments like bronchitis. 

We have a pro tip for you- mulethi not only have these amazing benefits, it has a pleasant sweet taste. For those who struggle to quit sugar from their teas, coffees, shakes, smoothiesmulethi is a wonderful substitute for small sugar in your teas, coffees etc.

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