Hello readers

Today we have a blog on erythritol – a natural sweetener.

Erythritol is produced as a by-product of fermentation of corn and few starches.

We also have also written a blog on sugar substitutes and their (negative) health implications with scientific evidences. Based on scientific research, erythritol happens to be one of the best sugar substitute available.

What are the benefits of erythritol?

  1. Zero glycemic index and hence no effect on blood glucose levels-very safe for type I diabetics, type II diabetics, pre-diabetics, PCOS patients, people with insulin resistance.
  2. Zero insulin index- erythritol does not digest in the liver and does NOT need any insulin. Instead, it gets excreted unchanged and remains a very safe sweetener.
  3. Because of zero effect on insulin, erythritol is an ideal sugar substitute for anyone trying to lose weight and get healthy (insulin is a fat storing hormone, erythritol has no effect on it)
  4. It is extremely low on calories and fits in with all diets – high protein, high fats, low carbs, no sugars.