Founder and director of MADHYA EARTH hails from Jabalpur. She has completed her post-graduation from Edinburgh Scotland and has worked for a decade in Mumbai before she started to promote healthy eating. Through Rashi’s initiative Madhya Earth products have now reached all the continents and have been used by over thousands of people.

Madhya Earth is a natural supplements, cosmetics and food brand led by Rashi, a teenage girl from Jabalpur who  made her journey through home town to foreign to her native place with a clear vision to bring her versatility, knowledge and our Ayurveda science to her people towards the betterment of today’s busy lifestyle.

Rashi is quite keen to put Madhya Pradesh on the global map when it comes to healthy living. She has been working on developing scientifically backed products that can benefit most of the population going through lifestyle issues.

Madhya Earth started with Rashi’s vision to transform her vision of showcasing the best superfoods, superherbs extracts, hemp products, wild forest honey, the super healthy and delicious food range along with the natural cosmetics and small family run farms to the whole of India. The business started taking shape in 2017 from Mumbai, from the actual business took its shape and with her knowledge and wisdom many people started living and experiencing the goodness of Ayurveda science.

All it started from Mumbai and today Madhya Earth customers are not only limited to India but also other countries like Singapore, Kenya, UAE, USA and the UK.

Madhya Earth employs hardworking women who need an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and dedication to grow professionally and personally. Together, we are making a difference, one small step at a time, in the right direction.