Best plant-based Omega 3 is an essential fat for vegan and vegetarian

Most omega 3 supplements are derived from animal sources like fish. 
Hempseed oil happens to be one of the only few foods in nature which is a completely organic plant based omega 3 rich superfood. Thus, hempseed oil is a perfect food for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Moreover, because most animal derived omega 3 might be contaminated with heavy metals, hempseed oil beats those foods by being completely organic, pollution free and heavy metals free – making it the BEST omega 3 supplement.

Get the right nourishment to transform your body from inside and outside by using our hemp seed oil. Our hemp seed oil comes from organic fields of Madhya Pradesh, have the freshest nutty flavour and works wonder when consumed and applied topically. We promise Madhya Earth’s hemp seed oil will be your go to oil for all your needs.

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