Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

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Today we list information on and benefits of wheatgrass powder and answer some FAQs.

What is wheatgrass powder? 

Wheatgrass powder is dried, powdered greens of young wheat crop. After the  growth of wheat crop for the first seven days, its grass is grown and plucked out. This green grass is then shade dried, and powdered where all of its nutrients are retained. At this stage, there is no gluten developed in the wheat and hence wheatgrass powder is always gluten free.

What are the benefits of wheatgrass powder?

  1. Very rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is known for-anti cancer, skin improvement, liver detoxification, wound healing, improved digestion
  2. Good source of vitamins A (healthy skin and mucous membranes), C (healthy skin, teeth, anti-inflammation) and E (anti-oxidation in body)
  3. Rich in selenium (prevents cell damage and is an anti-oxidant for the body)
  4. Hormonal balance and improved fertility
  5. Improves skin
  6. Helps in liver detoxification
  7. Helps in healing wounds
  8. In paste form, can be used to treat haemorrhoids and anal fissures when applied locally
  9. Improves nerve signalling and hence brain functioning
  10. Helps in raising immunity and fighting cancer
  11. Lowers high triglycerides and cholesterol
  12. Helps controlling weight
  13. Gluten free and suited for people with gluten allergy

Who should take wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is best for people with weight issues, sugar issues (candida/yeast), inflammatory conditions, skin problems, liver problems and gluten allergy. It can also be consumed during your intermittent fasting period if you are doing so. We recommend a tablespoon of wheatgrass with a pinch of pink salt and half a lemon before breakfast and at 5pm for best results.

If you have never tried wheatgrass, you should start with small quantities such as half a teaspoon twice a day and gradually increase the quantity of wheatgrass powder. Start your health journey with our wheatgrass by clicking here. (insert link for wheatgrass product)

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    Hi – I have been a user of the Wheat Grass powder from MEarth for a while now – (over a year). It is a great product and I would encourage people to try using it persistently for 3 months to actually judge its true benefits. As a doctor I have used it for patients for variety of issues besides “OBESITY” In todays fast paced modern world – it is really good to have products that connect you back to your source. WG is a gift of nature 🙂

    Sacheen Khirid

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