About us

About Us

Madhya Earth is a brand by MS FOREST ORGANICS that is known for products from organic, wild sources, enabling maximum nutrition and absorption of health supplements and superfoods. We keep the best nature has to offer to add value to your healthy lifestyle. Our products are devised by health coaches, pharmacists and industry experts who have over hundred years of experience and are made keeping in mind the nutrients people lack in the modern day due to imbalance in lifestyle, stress and environmental pollution.


Madhya Earth fulfils two simple needs – the deficiency of vital nutrients in human bodies in the modern lifestyle, and to make people experience the best nature has to offer.


Our aim is to provide highest quality, organic and wild (wherever possible) food items, superfoods and extracts to people to experience how foods of high quality can impact their health.


Madhya Earth works on few ideologies – combining the ancient sciences to modern techniques. Some of the ideologies we specialize in are deep integration of food sciences, nutrition, techniques of novel drug delivery systems, Ayurveda and culinary sciences. This ensures we translate the ancient wisdom into products which are easy to use, understand, and adapt to. This ensures our customers get confident with how to utilize these superfoods and natural products for the betterment of their health.


We aim to see ourselves as leaders in setting the example of providing organic products of the highest quality in improving people’s health.

This includes
Wild foods
Organic plant-based foods
Herbal extracts
Food supplements
Essential oils and
Products for personal use.


Here at Madhya Earth, we use cold pressed methods for extraction of our product range, use recyclable packaging material wherever we can and are on a mission to increase awareness to people to reduce their carbon footprint by consuming plant-based foods.

What sets us apart?

Our qualified team with over 100 years of combined experience in improving people’s health has led for us to formulate the right products from high quality, plant origin, organic and wild supplements that endorse a healthier way of living with better quality of life. Our range of expertise lies in products pertaining to health issues and goals such as low energy levels and debility, PCOS, obesity, hypertension, sleep issues, sports performance, exercise endurance, intermittent fasting and brain development to name a few. We believe in clean eating and healthy living and recommend a lifestyle and a diet change for our users. While our supplements are of the highest quality, you can enjoy better rewards if you combine them with healthy eating habits and positive lifestyle.

Our commitment