Madhya Earth capsules range – Globally best

Madhya Earth capsule range – Globally best

Hello everyone. At Madhya Earth, we believe in bringing to you the best nature has to offer. In this blog, let us take you through why our Superherbs Extract capsules range is the best in market.

We use pure extracts rather than raw herbs. This means our products are in the readiest form to be absorbed by the body. 

Our products have the most potent extract concentration. Some of our products, such as Shilajit capsules have 50% Fulvic acid compared to the market standard of 2.5% Fulvic acid, making it 20 times more powerful.

This means you have to take less of our capsules compared to a lot more of others. For example, one Madhya Earth Brahmi extract capsule equals to about eighteen of few other brands.

Our capsules have 650mg strength compared to 250 to 500mg strength of other brands. Thus, you need less of our capsules for similar results.

Our capsules are also just the right size to swallow, making it very friendly and user compliant.

We have an in house, Ayurvedic certified manufacturing plant. This means we have 100% quality control over our products.

Our capsule shells are 100% certified vegetarian and work for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Our herbs are batch tested and pass all quality parameters. These include parameters for the quality of the active extracts and also toxicity studies.

This means our capsules are 100% safe to consume in the long run as lifestyle supplements.

We use no binders, additives or chemicals in our capsules which means our capsules are 100% pure and unadulterated

Our capsule extracts are in the most bioavailable form; making them quick acting, and long lasting.

 We manufacture our capsules in small batches and do quality checks after every batch. This labor-intensive process ensures our products are of consistent efficacy, best quality and live up to the high-quality standards at Madhya Earth.

Madhya Earth has an ask a nutritionist feature where if you’re unsure of which supplement is right for you, you can reach out to us and we will make individual suggestions for you, helping you with your health needs.

To summarize, Madhya Earth Superherbs Extract capsules are the best in the market globally, backed up by ancient science, manufactured with the most cutting-edge technology.

Build your health with Madhya Earth, today!

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